About Us

Hey Chocolate Girls, we're so happy you made it! While you're here, I want to take a moment to share the story behind, inspiration for, and purpose of The Chocolate Girl Collection as well as its non-profit sister, The Chocolate Girl Foundation, Inc. Chocolate Girl was birthed through my own struggle with my identity as a black woman and it is so important because it is the beginning of my journey to foster a community that understands that struggle. A community in which black women could be seen, heard, valued, loved, appreciated,  empowered, and celebrated. A community where we could be educated, elevated, and inspired. A community where we did not have to hide, justify, or explain ourselves constantly to those who would never understand. The type of community that creates a place all black women can call home. A place you could return to after a long day or a revolutionary moment. A place in which you would always be welcome. However, it is imperative to note that I would not be here today without the extraordinary women who raised, nurtured, and educated me.


So, there is no better way for me to pour back into the community that has given so much to me or create a new one that built on the foundation set by those who came before us than to build new opportunities so that we may forge our own paths. See, Chocolate Girl is about freedom, in every sense of the word. Which is why a percentage of every item sold from The Chocolate Girl Collection will go toward building an HBCU Scholarship Fund and Black Business Grant (and note there was no small before black) for black women of all ages. This is not intended to exclude anyone, but it's about time we have something that is ours and ours alone because we are more than deserving. I love you to the moon and back and I am here for you always. See you soon Chocolate Girl!